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Dynamic Coin – Overview

Dynamic Coin (DMC) is the next generation digital currency platform, utilizing tokenized assets for transactional purposes, enabling instant transfer of value and ownership within an organization’s core payments and remittance infrastructure.

Driven by a fully engaged, active algorithm, DMC is an open sourced, decentralized, stable and scalable electronic currency which solves many, if not all, of the design and infrastructure issues faced in current digital platforms.

The key differentiating drivers are the sophisticated DMC algorithmic engine and the unique Proof of Work (POW), providing price stability and liquidity absent in today’s virtual landscape.

Inherent in the Bitcoin world are well documented, problematic issues: speculative price volatility, transactional delays, limited volumes, confirmation time, block size, dominant mining pools and a lack of long term digital coin availability.

DMC was created and developed, from the ground up, to specifically address and solve these issues.

DMC is the first and only crypto currency which behaves like traditional Fiat currencies, with far greater stability.

Transaction Time

• 15 Seconds Block Time
• 40x Faster than Bitcoin
• Transaction done in a minute rather than an hour

Block Rewards

• Dynamic Block Reward Ensures Price Stability
• Dynamic Block Reward ensures no inflation / deflation
• Dynamic Block reward ensures unlimited market growth
• Block reward adjusts in real time based on price

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