DMC - Dynamic Coin - world's 1st REAL MONEY Crypto currency


The world will change FOREVER .... 2015.

● Open Source Community Developed Worldwide Team Effort
● Open to EVERYONE. Everybody can mine, trade & develop DMC
● Retainig the Bitcoin Cryptography Unchanged
● Retaining the Bitcoin Block Chain Unchanged
● Retaining the Bitcoin SHA-256 Proof of Work Unchanged
● Unlimited (in time and quantity) coin mining. Same like real money.
● Differential Reward prevents volatility by adjusting the payout to the market value.
● Inflation proof mechanism
Near real time processing will allow ATM and Debit card use in regular POS.
● Instant worldwide use via any ATM or credit card machine.
● Ability for BTC miners to use existing equipment to mine Dynamic Coin instantly
● Fixed hashing difficulty that goes up by a predictable 4% only per month.
Huge incentive to get processing done in near real time.
● PC wallet For Linux, Mac & Windows.
● Phone & Tablet Wallet for Android, Apple & Windows.
● ATM & Debit Card for use in regular ATMs & POS worldwide.
● Fiat money exchange to DMC.
● Global marketplace of products & services you can buy with DMC.


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