DMC - Dynamic Coin - world's 1st REAL MONEY Crypto currency


The world will change FOREVER .... 2015.

● Open Source Community Developed Worldwide Team Effort
● Open to EVERYONE. Everybody can mine, trade & develop DMC
● SHA-256 Proof of Work
● 15 Seconds Block time - 40x faster the Bitcoin
● Can process 40x transactions at the same time as Bitcoin with 1MB block limit !!!
● Dynamic Reward per block - from 1 to 100,000 coins to prevent inflation and volatility
● Coin Production is not limited by any finite number
● Coin production is not fixed
● Coin production is not halved every period
● Inflation proof mechanism
15 seconds block time will allow ATM and Debit card use in regular POS.
● Instant worldwide use via any ATM or credit card machine.
● Ability for BTC miners to use existing equipment to mine Dynamic Coin instantly
● PC wallet For Linux, Mac & Windows.
● Phone & Tablet Wallet for Android, Apple & Windows.
● Fiat money exchange to DMC.
● Bitcoin exchange to DMC.
● Global marketplace of products & services you can buy with DMC.
● Non Centralized Global Reserve System to stabilize Coin
● The only coin able to support the global economy A-Z

Comparison Bitcoin DynamicCoin


Block time 10 Minutes 15 Seconds 40x Faster
Transactions Capacity per 10 Min 1 MB Block Size Maximum 40x Max Transactions in same 10 minutes 40x bigger Maximum Transaction Volume per 10 Minutes
Coin Supply 21 Million Unlimited Inflation Proof
Reward Fixed. Halved every 4 years Variable. Changes Every Block Between 1 and 100,000 DMC per block
Coin Lifetime 40 Years Indefinite Future Proof
Inflation Control Mechanism N/A Built In Variable Reward
Price Stabilization Mechanism N/A Built In Variable Reward
Time for verified transaction (6x) 1 Hour 90 seconds 40x Faster
Suitable for Instant Transactions NO YES Nobody will wait 1 hour to receive money in instant transaction
Coin Supply Fixed, Eroding Variable, According to Market Conditions Variable Reward


Contributions Highly Appreciated:

DMC- 172VNabC7N3JZnuqp6T6e5nribK875h3vv

BITCOIN - 1C6qaTTKdGGF9eMiWUjuCibC7thDZ9hiuX

LITECOIN - LeTzTQpYxbEecgdBukjzUWvr2nAAXr8DR4