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Dynamic coin is listed on four digital currency exchanges, with its primary exchange being the USD-X (USD-X.com)

The USD-X delivers a stable price base for elite digital currencies, by providing an efficient and orderly marketplace. Through exchange governance, adhering to high standards and best practices, this rules based trading venue provides the perfect platform for DMC to conduct transactional business.

  • DMC is trading at $1.00, pegged directly vs the USD via algorithm.
  • DMC market capitalization is greater than $10.5B
  • Exchange is fully KYC and AML compliant
  • Provides Exchange Governance
  • Provides for rules based trading
  • Provides for efficient and orderly marketplace
  • PProvides for pairing of buy and sell orders
  • Provides Standards and Best Practices (No bots or HFT’s)
  • Provides a stable price base for transactional business
  • DMC is one of ten coins qualified for this elite exchange
  • DMC is one of the fasted crypto currencies to have been benchmarked vs the USD
  • Transaction Time

    • 15 Seconds Block Time
    • 40x Faster than Bitcoin
    • Transaction done in a minute rather than an hour

    Block Rewards

    • Dynamic Block Reward Ensures Price Stability
    • Dynamic Block Reward ensures no inflation / deflation
    • Dynamic Block reward ensures unlimited market growth
    • Block reward adjusts in real time based on price

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