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Dynamic Coin – Differentiation

  • 15 seconds block time affords real time transactions – 40 times faster than Bitcoin

  • Adjustable Block Reward not limited or fixed, changes in real time based on price.

  • Seriously reduced volatility

  • Stability driven by sophisticated algorithm

  • Coin Supply is neither limited, halved, nor finite

  • Block size is not limited, ensures scalable transaction volume

  • All transactions will be executed.

  • No limit to Number of transactions that can be processed and executed, limited only by bandwidth and speed.

  • 2xSHA-256 ensures initial profitable CPU mining

  • Unique POW (proof of work) Work Flow

  • Block reward changes in real time based on price, ensures market growth and price stability.

Transaction Time

• 15 Seconds Block Time
• 40x Faster than Bitcoin
• Transaction done in a minute rather than an hour

Block Rewards

• Dynamic Block Reward Ensures Price Stability
• Dynamic Block Reward ensures no inflation / deflation
• Dynamic Block reward ensures unlimited market growth
• Block reward adjusts in real time based on price

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